Check Out The Best Collections Of Freezers With Their Price

Nowadays, kitchen is the center part of every home and needs various electronic components. The freezer is one of the most useful and essential products of every kitchen. Most importantly, freezer comes up with unlimited benefits and so number of home makers wants to use it. If you are the one loves to buy a good freezer, then you should consider various things.

With the help of freezer, you can store the food and so it is must to choose a large storage capacity freezer. At a consistent temperature, you are free to preserve the food stuffs with the utmost care by means of the freezer. And also, freezer can be used in many places such as restaurants, home, convenience stores, hospitals and a lot more. For more types and collections, visit grapefrost and sure you will discover the best one!

There are huge collections of freezers available and so you can choose the one which suits your needs and desires from the available choices. People pay attention on buying any of the freezers and seek the most useful one. Of course, freezers help you to save the area which is highly needed to store the food items.  It is highly popular and most wanted one for its long-lasting. Since it is designed with sophisticated newer technology and so stores the food stuffs in a hassle-free way!!

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Basic features of freezer!

Freezers are greatly used in order to protect the foodstuffs and beverages. When it comes to hotels and restaurants, there is always need to store the food in a large quantity, right? When you want to know more about the different types of freezers, then visit grapefrost site and sure you will discover endless collections of freezers such as commercial freezer, portable freezer, chest freezer, upright frost freezer and much more. When you click any of the products which you love the most from the official site, then it will direct you to the amazon page. From that, you can check out the reviews and decide to buy any of the freezers which you want to buy!!

  • Best Portable Refrigerator:

If you are the one who wants to camp out or travelling to other places, then you desire to keep your food cold, right? If so, then you can go with the portable freezer in which you can preserve the food stuffs to the core. There are so many types of portable freezers are available when you visit grapefrost, then you will come to know the collections on your budget.

  • Best compact freezers:

Do you Unwilling to buy large chest freezers? If so, then undoubtedly compact freezers are here which suits your budget. If you want to make use of the little space on your refrigerator, then get ready to check the price of the compact freezer in the grapefrost page.

  • Best Small Upright Frost Free Freezers:

Every kitchen looks empty unless you don’t have upright frost free freezers. Visit the grapefrost page and sure you will come to know the types and features of the same. Get ready to check the price just by a single click and then direct you to the amazon page.

Real Estate


Faisal Hills Islamabad project is situated at the Taxila area that is known to be the significant industrial zone of Pakistan. You are now provided with a unique opportunity to have a lovely and beautiful home inside this city. This housing society is a compassionately planned housing project that exhibits natural beauty and stunning views of Margalla Hills promoting a peaceful and clean atmosphere. The developers of the project have promised to timely deliver the project with modern and excellent infrastructure.

Similar to Blue World City and Capital Smart City this residential venture is placed near the Islamabad region. This project is owned and developed by the famous and well-known developers, Zedem International. The developers have also launched and introduced other massive and tremendous chain of housing projects of which the most prosperous project is the Faisal Town Islamabad. Now they are developing the Faisal hills housing scheme to provide more lavish and comfortable living options to its investors and a most alluring and comfortable lifestyle.


The project lies on the main GT Road in the Taxila region right at the backside of Margalla Hills.  It is adjacent to one of the most sought out and popular housing scheme B-17. MPCHS is also situated nearby this project.

The society is easily accessible from the GT road as well as from B-17. The residents and the general public can utilize the direct 2 major entries from GT Road via Gate 1 and Gate of the society. These two different entry points of this society are given from the main GT Road via a 225 feet wide access road.

According to the newsletter issued by the management of Faisal Hills a 150ft Broad Road linking the society to GT Road and Main Entrance Gate is under construction. They have already received permission from NHA to get this access from the GT Road.


The project is completely secure from investment point of view as it is a legal housing project and has gotten its approval from RDA. Its LOP has also gotten the approval.


It is one of the greatest and largest housing projects situated in Taxila with over 12000 plots divided into blocks and sectors providing residential and commercial options for the investors.

The whole area of Faisal Hills was initially categorized into blocks A, B, and C. but they have extended the project into the newest E block. ‘E’ block which is defined as the Executive Block’ and is positioned at the most prime location in the society, right at the font of the entry of their G.T. Road.

The development work on the executive block has commenced and due to the work progress, the rates in these blocks have been revised.

The plots available in the project are of a variety of sizes stated below:

  • 5 MARLA
  • 8 MARLA
  • 10 MARLA
  • 14 MARLA
  • 1 KANAL
  • 2 KANAL


The above-mentioned plots are easily available with an easy installment plan and the registration only started with Rs, 10,000 amount which is non-refundable and 10% down payment. The plots can be purchased by full cash payment or the installment plan which spanned over a time period of 3.5 years with very affordable 14 quarterly installments.


The developers of the project commenced the development work in the society from May 2018 after the balloting process was announced to the general public and the plots were issued to their respective owners. The society also revealed the official map of this Faisal Hills to the general public before this none of this information was made public.

In the most recent development Faisal Hills newsletter issued in June/July 2019 in which the company shared major updates concerning development work and future growth plans of the project. Aside from development, there is also an announcement mentioning the increase in official rates and cancellation of files that are open and have a clearance deadline for outstanding installments.

To prevent any extra fees and additional development charges, the members of the society were needed to submit all their outstanding installments from 22nd July 2019 so that they could be given possession of their properties.

The pace of development in society is super-fast. After the completion of primary infrastructure in all the blocks in the society, the developers have now moved on to beautify the project with building a stunning and serene park is also being in the Executive Block of the society, incorporated with variety of swings, gazebos, and benches for the citizens. Barbecue stations will also be built in the park for picnics and outings.


The housing scheme provides its residents all the basic and modern-day amenities including the following:

  • Electricity and Sui Gas system
  • Parks, Schools, and Mosques
  • Clean Water Supply
  • Underground electricity
  • Telephone and Wi-Fi connection
  • Wide Roads
  • Sewerage disposal system
  • Shops and markets
  • Secure Environment
  • Walled Community
  • Commercial zone
  • Sports Center
  • Community Hall
  • Kids play area with supervision
  • Parks and Zoo
  • Hospital and clinic
  • Green areas
  • Running and jogging tracks
  • Basketball court and Cricket ground

The location of the project is gorgeous and eye-catching, you can compare the surrounding views of the housing society to that of Park View City which is considered one of the most supreme housing projects in Islamabad. The stunning view of the Margalla Hills and Islamabad Expressway makes this housing project most appealing one. The aim of housing project is to provide its occupants with high standard living options and endless commercial opportunities at the most affordable rates.

The society is perfect in every sense, whether it be the most amazing location, variety of living options, affordable prices or the state of art amenities. All these factors make this housing project the most appealing and popular.

If you are looking for a housing society to call it your home then Faisal Hills is the right choice for you. For further questions and information leave us a comment down below or contact Sky Marketing, leading real estate firm in Pakistan that offers the best and secure property investment options for local Pakistani residents as well as the citizens living abroad.


How Money Mailer Advertising Help Your Business

Do you want to advertise your products or service? Need to increase traffic and sales of the business? Well, you can use the money mailer advertising. This marketing allows you to advertise the products. The advertising company helps you get new customers quickly. The money mailer is the best marketing franchises. The business owner wants to market to keep the customers. They should market to keep their share of the clients.

The advertising company makes new customers for the business with the help of online digital marketing strategies and direct mail coupons. They can print and mail the direct mail postcards to increase traffic for the local store. If you need more traffic on the website, then the money mailer marketing can help you. The marketing company can implement the correct strategy to increase sales. Direct mail advertising is an essential element of the marketing plan.

When advertising is canceled, the company may become demoralized. Positive advertising helps to boosts employee morale. It provides strong confidence to the employee, in which the business is healthy. With the help of money mailer marketing, you can take your business to a new level. Here are a few reasons for using Money Mailer advertising for your business.

  • Reach targeted customers 

One of the main benefits of using money mailer advertising is to reach new customers. People incomes vary that means there are some changes in the lifestyles as well as purchasing habits. Many companies are using this advertising method to reach targeted customers. The experts use new technology to advertise the business.

  • Make More Sales 

Using this advertising method, you can make more sales. You can find a consistent advertiser is invariably successful. Advertising is the best way to reach more people in the world. Continuous traffic of the store is an essential step that helps to boost sales and expand the shopper base. Most of the people who visit the store and great chance the business owner have to make more sales.

  • Advertise constantly

You can advertise the brand regularly to increase traffic to your business. The shoppers no need to have store loyalty they once did. The business should market to stand out in the competition. The company should promote to get targeted customers to return and also seek new customers.

  • Create a good reputation 

Do you need to create a good reputation among the people? You can advertise the product or service. Advertising is affirmative that can bring the company into the market. Advertising provides the business owner long-term benefits over competitors. The advertising team can maintain marketing that increases sales.

These are essential benefits for using the money mailer advertising. In this marketing method, both the time and fund will be balanced so you can use it in your business. The advertising should reach the industry steadily through the entire decision making procedure. The company name should be brand new in the audience’s minds when they decide to purchase the products.


Improve Sales and Leads with the Perfect Box

Do you want the perfect packaging solutions for products? Do you need to make sure the good value of products? Well, custom boxes are the best choice for business owners to pack any items. Soap is the widely used item for all age group people today. People highly demanded to use soap for staying clean and fresh. On the other hand, it is suitable for different purpose like cleaning, bathing and so on. It protects people from harmful effects and engages them to lead a happy life without any hassle. It comes up with the active ingredient that beneficial for people. The users can get it with the perfect box and know more about the product. You can see the product information that displays in the box.

Choose the right shape of the box:

It is an important aspect of manufacturer to pack the product and send to the market. In the shop, the business owners can available a different range of Custom Soap Boxes. You can get durable packaging solutions from the right packaging company. The quality of the product is easily identified in the desired box. There are wide ranges of soap available in the market for customer’s convenience. It is packed with the good packaging materials that ideal for attracting customers. The soaps are packed with the ideal covering that reflects the goodness of products. The manufacturer understands perfect packaging is best for keeping product in a safe manner. It is the best way to protect products from unwanted damages.

Influence the customer to purchase:

You can easily provide it to the hands of customers without any damages. You can confidently sell the products easily to the market and draw attention of huge number of customers. The Custom Soap Boxes give better solution to seller and meet their packaging needs. It is a great option for manufacturer to influence customers to buy the product. You can gain good result as soon as possible. You can engage customers always with the perfect packaging. Prior to viewing the product, people first look at the box. You can create the superb image that relevant to product and print it on the box. Image is the first impression of customers when need to buy the product.

Ensure the better brand name:

The business owners always engage customers to buy the product with the creative packaging. Custom Soap Boxes brings the ideal support to sellers to pack items with the required size of the box. It is the wonderful chance for business owners to receive the better outcomes easily. The perfect packaging products that remain stay in mind of customers. You can take the complete benefits of utilizing the best box.  You can get box with the useful information about the product you want to sell. In this way, you can improve sales and leads with the better design. The product will definitely stand out from the crowd in the market. So, you can receive the expected result with the good packaging products.