Grim Fandango Remastered Cheats for PS4


The description tells you to have Glottis sing the song of the Rusty Anchor to you. It is easy to do, like the other trophies, but you could lose it in your game.

To get Glottis to sing, you must show him Lola’s letter that you will find in the coat he left at the box office. If Glottis is on the piano at Manny’s casino, you’ll get it. However, if you have previously shown the VIP pass, it will have gone to the High Roller Lounge, and you will no longer be able to sing the song.



Ticket number nine
Get the rest of the trophies in the game.


Year 4
Spend four years in the Eighth Hell.

The Right Mode
Complete the game with tank controls. Tim has asked for this trophy.


Well, how much of this did you imagine, Skull?
Have Domino explain the scam to you.

Year 1
Spend a year in the Eighth Hell.

Year 3
Spend three years in the Eighth Hell.

“ARROGATING IMPOSTER does not work …”
You try to guess the Domino password several times.

Take it as a tribute.
Have Olivia recite one of your poems.

“Oh Lola! …” Go
back to the place where you left Lola.

Year 2 Spend two years in the Eighth Hell.


“Come see how the big shots play, huh?”
Talk with Maximino.

Pigeons, run! It’s Gloria Fuertes! »
Try to intimidate the pigeons.

Talk to Chepito about her barter tactics.

“Maybe just a sip …”
Try the Golden Marillo.

“Stop giggling in front of the girl!”
Try to defeat Domino in a fair fight.

We have given up. All of us”.
Talk to Quince to find out why he’s still here.

“Great news: We have discovered a new talent among our messengers!”
Catch up to see how the pigeons work.

Sorry, I don’t do … “weird jobs.”
Convince Verago to help you.

Happy journey, Captain.
Meet Chepito on his way.

Join or die! Again!”
You receive a message from Eva.

“I could walk out of this world right now and not look back …”
Keep your commitments.

Ask Lupe about his organization system.

“Precisely, my friend.”
Find out about a wicked plan.

Don’t even bother …
Try to explain it to Merche.

“I’m getting out of here, this world is for bastards.”
Meet Bruno on his way.

“It shone, pale as a bone …” She
looks up at the moon.

“Well, if it helps you, I could do something wrong right now.”
Try to take dirty rags from Merche.

* sniff * * sniff *
Make the little angels cry.

“… so big”
Talk to the mechanics.

“… he whistled so much when the trade winds blew …”
Ask Velasco about his eye patch.

“I’ve been squeezing through one of these tubes, like a pixie!”
Talk to Brennis to explain how he got to the machine.

“I didn’t always have this color!”
Talk to Chepito to tell you how long he’s been here.

“Do you discharge adrenaline?”
Use the hole punch.

“We only have one mop.”
Review your work skills with Celso.

“Bony-fingered duck!”
Get the balloon twister to prick a balloon.

Sing with the bees.

Tell a joke.

Oh Rusty Anchor
Have Glottis sing the song of the rusty anchor to you.

“It is as if I am not happy if I am not breathing thick, black, and nauseating fumes …”
Talk to Glottis about longings.

“Oh yes, I could cheer you up …”
Convince Aitor to take you to the cellar.

“Manuel! Something happens?”
Play on the radio.

And you do care what I did in life. You already know the rules.
Talk to Eva to tell you how she got trapped here.

“Frightening the living is against the rules, but we all do it.”
It scares the living a few times.

“Also, we are very handsome in these clothes!”
Talk to Glottis about your intention to leave.

“Our stingers are straight, you know?”
Talk to the worker bees about playing the game.

“We are all citizens of the same nation and our king rides a pale horse.”
Try to get Chowchilla Charlie to give you a passport.

“Let the metal detector hold you as you cry …”
Listen to Carla’s entire story.

“Manny, when the marrow is removed from those trees, it’s like cement!”
Ask Glottis about the tree tft item cheat sheet.