Generation of Computer: Expectations vs Reality

A person who has the basic knowledge about the generations of computer would have this question in his mind that how were the generations of computer: expectations vs reality? So, this question will be answered in this article in detail. When we start discussion about the expectations related to the generations of computer then we are well aware of the fact that fifth generation of computer was the generation that had the most expectations attached to it because of the artificial intelligence technology that was to be introduced in that era.

The computer Project of the 5th generation of Japan is the first significant effort to integrate and extend artificial intelligence technology all over the world and to include it inside a new generation of computers with tremendous capabilities for everyday use as well as for the betterment of the whole world. There are various advantages for expert systems that are utilized in a range of applications in real life. In conditions when knowledge and abilities of one sort can be acquired by formal training, such systems can function quite effectively.

The Fifth Generation of Computer: Expectations vs Reality

As discussed before the fifth era of computers is the generation that had the most expectations attached to it due to many reasons and still faster and more powerful computer technologies will be expected for computers in the future. Computers are developing into advanced technologies. Computers are really developing in this fifth era of computers as expected but somethings are beyond expectations of the world and some things still require more research and time for further betterment and development.

Computing in the 5th generation is still to be determined because the future of computer development is being pursued through various avenues. There is a lot of work that is being carried out in the labs all around the world from America to china and japan on the disciplines of nanotechnology, artificial intelligence and quantum computation and we all know that this research will never end and will be continued for may be forever.

Artificial intelligence: Expectation vs Reality

The Artificial Intelligence is a computer science field that carries out computer activities that people need to be intelligent in order to properly do. Early efforts have been made to develop broad systems that can function very effectively in a wide range of activities or specific systems. Expert systems in a very restricted range of activities belong to the runner up category and are designed to achieve competence equivalent to that of an expert.

In advancing this technology, developing nations do not remain uninterested spectators or unhelpful consumers. Like japan these countries are also going through the same type of crises like the crises of the natural resources, the lack of energy and even the lack of workforce to work for them. Involving computer technology in five generations offers huge opportunities to enhance industrial production, efficiency of management, rural healthcare and literacy at different levels. It would be an effective and difficult means of creating riches for this country to implement fifth generation technologies and software.