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How to discover the problems of the clients of a real estate

Do you have problems with your real estate clients at Park View City Islamabad? Sales professionals often claim that there are as many real estate sales techniques  as sellers. Everyone has a way of addressing the unique and unrepeatable profession. However, there are also great philosophical trends in which everyone, technical and professional, ever relies on his life. Today we will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of solving the problems of real estate clients and how to discover them.

It is a stream of sales that takes on special prominence in the Internet era, and that real estate can not be foreign.

Advantages and disadvantages of solving the problems of the clients of a real estate

From Inmogesco we are in continuous contact with real estate marketing professionals who always recommend the same: “Agents must focus on solving the problems of real estate clients. We must promote the vocation of service in companies, regardless of their size ”.


Whether the contact occurs in person or through the SkyMarketing website or telephone, the real estate agent should focus on the advice he offers, not so much on the product. This strategy will create a climate of trust that will be key when the client has to make a final decision.

In addition, and despite the fact that the Internet has opened the concept of “best bidder” in the minds of customers, the human being still needs to create bonds of trust. This link thus created will strengthen a relationship with the client that will last over time. And that means future sales.


How could it be otherwise, this requires very qualified personnel, who perfectly understand their potential customers. Whenever feasible, we should be up to date in training and innovation at all levels.

Real estate software to help solve problems

This type of technique requires very thorough monitoring by the real estate agent. At present there are many tools for real estate to have contacts with customers under control.

These are the so-called real estate software  , which allow establishing contact tracking strategies, because they store all the necessary data to create and grow customer lists, among many other things.

In this way, you can access the information related to your clients to contact them in a more personal way. If this software also has cloud storage, all members of a team can work in a coordinated manner.

How to detect the problems of the clients of a real estate

As we said at the beginning, solving the problems of a real estate customer is more a philosophy of life. It must impregnate all the processes of the company, from the commercial contacts, to the real estate marketing efforts. We leave you some concrete examples of how to detect customer problems:

  • The question: How can we help you? It can be present in catalogs, in real estate Pakistan presentations , web texts, telephone conversations, etc.
  • When you prepare questionnaires to meet your customers, always ask yourself what problem they are looking to solve. Each client has a specific story behind, with their problems and concerns.
  • A niche market is a gap in the commercial landscape that nobody has covered. Absorbent diapers or microwaves were products that solved specific problems. Based on this philosophy of life, look for which niche market is not covered by your competition and from which you can take advantage.
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The Best Real Estate Slogans and Real Estate Advertising Slogans

The same as to create web pages for real estate such as Sky Marketing , you need good programmers and good designers, to create a real estate slogan it is necessary to group numerous disciplines, such as writing, strategy and of course, creativity. You must put all these disciplines into action and summarize in a few words everything you could tell about your real estate agency. Today we will tell you how you can create your own slogan for real estate and we will show you the best real estate slogans of the followers of our real estate blog.

Why is the real estate slogan the perfect complement to the logo?

In the article we publish about University Town Islamabad Noc, we explain that design must always fulfill a function. The “things because yes” we leave them to art, while in terms of graphic design, each line must fulfill a previously defined mission.

The same goes for writing in a slogan for real estate. It must summarize in a few characters the entire philosophy of the real estate company, in addition to evoking the main attributes and attracting the audience to which it is addressed. All in 3 or 4 words maximum. Not difficult?

Of course, easy is not, but not impossible. So you can create a slogan for your catchy and easy-to-remember real estate, follow these steps:

Step 1: Who are you and what do you want to communicate?

If you have already developed a real estate marketing plan before, this step is very simple. You just have to take that document and look for the “SWOT Analysis” section.
If you have not yet created a real estate marketing plan for house for rent in Islamabad, we remind you what this analysis consists of.
Respond to the acronym Weaknesses-Threats-Strengths-Opportunities and is the way to know where your real estate agency is and where you want it to go. Take good note of what each of these parts entails:

·         Weaknesses

They represent those internal circumstances of the brand, which must somehow be overcome. It may be your inexperience or the novelty of the product you sell.

·         Threats

Are those circumstances outside the brand that are potentially threatening. In this section you will find the competition, market aspects or geographical circumstances that you cannot change.

·         Strengths

They represent the internal circumstances of the brand that differentiate it from the rest of the competition. Make a list of them and list them from one to ten in relation to their importance. If you can group them into broader categories, the better.

·         Opportunities

They are all those circumstances external to your brand and present in the market or in your geographical area that can be of help, such as the absence of competition or a privileged location.

With all this material you can forge an image of who you are and what you want to communicate to the world about your real estate agency.

To give you an idea of ​​how it works, let’s analyze the slogan of one of the most emblematic companies in the world: Nike.

Its slogan, “Just do it”, is born from a different conception of sport. Instead of highlighting the benefits of your product, or calling the attention of the consumer to its quality, they take our side and accompany us with a motivating phrase that has gone around the world: “Just do it”. No excuses, no delays, whatever the circumstance of your life you face, just do it.

Step 2:  Choose what makes you different but really

Have you seen how Nike sets aside its product to focus on an idea? This same principle has been launched by many other brands, such as Opel and the slogan they have used in recent times: “It’s German.”

Despite the low hours that the Germany brand lives because of the Volkswagen case, the claim we refer to is still brilliant. In just two words, all the quality and reliability of a vehicle manufactured (sometimes only designed) in Germany, cradle of seriousness and rigor, is summarized.
Like Opel, choose well what identifies you. It does not have to be something intrinsic to your company, it can also be some external feature that transfers positive values ​​to your brand.

Step 3:  Less is more

A slogan for real estate should not have more than 3 or 4 words maximum. Moreover, if you can say it in 3, better than in 4.

The same goes for the concepts you want to convey, one is better than two. If your brand boasts 2 powerful features (quality of service and attention to detail, to mention two of the most common), it is better to highlight only one.

If you do not concentrate the attention of the public, you can get confused and not remember anything that you transmit. Always remember that the best achievement of advertising real estate slogans is to be remembered quickly and easily.

Step 4:  Go in the same line of the real estate logo

Do you remember our tips for designing real estate logos? It would not make sense to create a logo that highlights a series of corporate values ​​and that the slogan for real estate companies will tell a very different story.

Therefore, it prevents logo and slogan from being disconnected. They must be one thing and go hand in hand.

Real Estate Franchise Slogans

We have compiled some example so you can see how the greats do it.

Century 21 is the first of the best real estate Islamabad franchises with a slogan that we love: “It does everything for me” . Four words that summarize the philosophy of the brand.

On the contrary, REMAX emphasizes the most professional aspect, which allows entrepreneurs to create a business with the real estate slogan “The entrepreneur you have inside” .

Follow the example of these and look for what makes you unique, without falling into topics such as “The attention you seek . ” It may be true, but this type of advertising slogan for real estate so crazed does not always have an effect. A slogan as a good design, should stand the test of time and remain attractive.

The best real estate slogans and real estate advertising slogans

To finish the article, we have carried out a survey of Inmogesco’s blog followers and we have selected for you the best real estate slogans:

  1. “Trust is neither bought nor sold. You simply win », Ana Valle of the Inmocosta Group
  2. “Your trusted real estate advisor”“We work for and for your peace of mind” , Samira Djedaimi of Smart Home Mallorca
  3. “The best professionals at your service”, “Your house in good hands”, Maria Jesus Unzue de Azpi Real Estate Services
  4. “No one in the world sells more properties than Remax,”Verónica Diaz, Remax
  5. “Closer to your wishes !!”, Diego Mejia, from MadrinInmuebles
  6. “Always by your side”, Jesus Espinosa, from Adaix
  7. “I like to unite homes and families”, “Your home in good hands”, Ana Navarro de InmoÁguilas
  8. “Fall in love with your home again”, by Noelia Álvarez, Real Estate Advisor
  9. “The tranquility of getting it right”, Marcos Ruiz de Hogalia
  10. “If there is no heart there is no deal”, “We do not give problems. We Give Solutions ”, Maria Lorenzo Tourís, Real Estate Advisor
  11. “We are different, because we improve every day,”Leopoldo Roca of Vex Real Estate
  12. “Real estate with a heart”, Daniel López Franco of
  13. “We are not looking for your apartment, we find your home,”Ana Otero de Hogares Real Estate Services
  14. “Let’s find a place called home,”Germán B Alba de Germán B. Alba
  15. “I’m more interested in people than properties,” “We are a rock band. We play hard for problems and soft for people, ”Sergi Verge de Immoban
  16. “Your heritage in good hands”, Pere Riera Paul from RdH Inmobiliaria
  17. “The first step towards your new life begins here”, Fernando Godoy del Roj de Vivenzia Home
  18. “Your Real Estate Professional”, “We sell dreams”, Juan Carlos Moreiras Pérez de Moreiras Real Estate Property
  19. “We don’t have Houses… we have Causes”, “Welcome to the Embassy of your House”, Luis Iglesias of Embassy Levante
  20. “Your happiness is my passion!”, “We make your goal ours … we work for and for you!”, Ruth Mogollón de Monpisa
  21. “The best apartment at the best price”, Carlos Martinez from Playa Vacations
  22. “Being a real estate agent is a responsibility, and we must all live up to it”, “The smartest real estate option”, Begoña Ballesteros de Mayoball
  23. “A customized experience”, “Avenir, Real Estate Artisans”, Montse Moreno de Avenir

What is the slogan you use as a real estate professional or in your real estate agency? Leave us a comment with the ones you use

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The Real Estate Post Sale: You Don’t Know What You’re Missing

Change your Focus: Get Owners; no properties.

What is that of real estate after sales ? Some real estate agents wonder when they hear about it. It is clear that those who ask it, are not one of those who charge high commissions per month in this business. Mastering real estate after sales is what allows you to move to a higher level in this sector.

In Islamabad post-sale real estate is not expected to somebody else buy another property within a time; It is to take advantage of the clients you have, both owners and clients, to bring you other clients.

This can be achieved by implementing real estate after-sales strategies, (that there are several), only in case you have provided an adequate service. For this reason, mediocre real estate agents cannot enjoy the high profitability of post sales.

Some of my students ask me what is the best sales technique and I answer them without hesitation that they are all the post-vent activities that you can carry out.

It is not difficult to get the clients you have helped to buy your home to give references to your acquaintances, friends, co-workers and family members. It is not difficult to get the owners to whom you have helped sell your home to give you others to sell them or give references   of you to other people interested in selling theirs.

To give you an idea, a real estate after-sales plan can get you to sell about 10 properties a year. To give u an idea of this let’s talk about Park View City, each property you sell you get a fee of, say $ 3,000 dollars, that represents $ 30,000 per year billed thanks and exclusively to your after-sales activities.

In addition, and this is important, customers who come through other customers, through referrals, are customers who buy fast , customers who tend to trust you more and customers much less problematic.

The Secret of Real Estate Post Sale.

Secret? Yes, the secret of real estate after sales is to encourage customers to bring you other customers by offering smart gifts. However, these incentives should be part of the strategy; They are not the strategy itself.

Let’s see an example of real estate after sales activities that you can carry out:

Suppose you have given adequate service and both the owner and the buyer feel satisfied. Now is the time to request a positive testimony . Some will access and others will not. It is best to record the testimony the client on video and then upload it to your YouTube channel to your website, to Facebook and other social networks and use it as a promotional tool.

One of my students organizes these 1 hour video sessions as follows. Ask the customer, as soon as the sale is concluded if he would like to give a video testimony of his shopping experience.

He explains that within 2-3 weeks they could carry it out at home or in some other suitable place. That a video will be recorded and it will take 60 to 90 minutes and that by agreeing to give the testimony you will be given a dinner for two in a good restaurant or you will be given gift vouchers from a department store or from a shopping center.

Almost everyone agrees to give their testimony when there is an interesting incentive.

The second step is to prepare the video recording : the script to be used, the appropriate place, the material, a unidirectional microphone is usually needed, ( $ 30 dollars) and sometimes a couple of spotlights.

Having this kind of testimonials and promoting them are excellent to generate credibility and will bring you to many clients. Mary, this student I speak of, uses testimonial videos for her Facebook campaigns in Groups and in Facebook Ads. Always get a customer.

Another activity that is carried out is to encourage clients to  give references to other people. This is done in 2 ways. It is encouraged to give a reference and then encouraged again if the customer ends up buying.

The first incentive can be a gift voucher , (the most popular) , for $ 15 – $ 20 dollars and then an incentive worth about $ 70- $ 100 dollars; such as a dinner for two.

What is this strategy very expensive? At all, 95% of people who will come to you for a referral end up buying or fast. In addition, before I gave a very conservative example that for each sale your fees are $ 3,000 dollars. In 50% of sales the fees are higher than that amount; So investing $ 200 dollars in incentives with a 95% chance of selling is rather a bargain.

The Real Estate Post-Sale. You need a plan.

The above examples are carried out sporadically ; from time to time as the opportunity arises or need to have more customers. If you want to obtain high profitability, you must prepare a plan to carry out 4 after-sales real estate actions per year; that is, 1 every 4 months.

You should keep in mind that these promotional actions are very accepted and you will find that some people who do not know will call you to find out if they get your incentive to introduce you to a potential client or people looking for property for sale.

You have to be careful with these campaigns and not go over the top promoting them to the 4 winds. These campaigns are only and exclusively for customers , ( owners and buyers) , who already know you. If they call you an unknown person through them, welcome. Do not try to reinvent the wheel by curling the curl with affiliate promotions. These are not real estate after-sales campaigns .

Of course, in order to carry out these campaigns you need to maintain a customer database , create a sequence of emails, have an exclusive landing page for the campaign with access only to your customers, you need to select the incentives and start the campaign with the appropriate text and image.

You don’t have to have hundreds of customers. With a database of only 10 customers , you can now do an after sales campaign. As the months go by you will increase that database.

Expect that 10% to 20% of the people contacted respond to your campaign . Which means an important volume of reference clients.

In October 2014, I helped prepare an annual real estate post-sales campaign for an agency in Bogotá that had a database of more than 600 records. The campaign was so successful that it had to stop after 20 days. Not only that, it was not possible to attend to all the reference people and the initial incentives had to be paid to 87 people who referred 136 people. People who were looking to buy a property in Bogotá at that time.

Both the real estate agency and I were amazed and learned a couple of things about how to improve these types of campaigns in the future. Especially by writing the terms and conditions better Here we screwed up, although the campaign was a success.

We talk about more than 20 sales in a period of 3 months with 3 commercials serving potential customers. More than 40 sales were lost because they could not be served. I know that in 2015 the agency carried out 2 more real estate post-sale actions and both were very profitable.

As you can see, real estate after-sales is not sending an email of thanks to the customer who has bought; Not a bouquet of flowers or a bottle of wine. It’s something more.

“To obtain references you have to know how to ask for them at the right time . And before asking for them, you have to keep selling trust after the customer has bought your new property.”

In order for the client to feel comfortable giving you a reference you must have given him a better service than he / she (they), they were expected when they were in the process of buying the house. And then continue giving that service.

How? Worrying . How can I help this client now that he has already bought the house? How can I continue helping you in the following months? There are a thousand ways for the client not to forget you. It is your obligation to keep the client remembering you every month. Prepare it for the after-sales campaign.

The Real Estate Post Sale in the New Promotions.

The real estate after-sale works great when you sell new or pre-sale housing . Many promoters forget the customer when he signs the delivery signal and they remember him or her at 6 – 8 months, when the time comes for the delivery of keys.

How many sales have not made my team and I thanks to implement a real estate sales service , (which is not any after sales service) , as soon as a person signs the signal contract ! And then they tell us that we have been lucky to sell the full development of 250 homes in less than 8 months.

If you analyze the trend of the sales curve in a new real estate development, you will realize that at the beginning, the launch of the new promotion generates enough sales to dilute and stagnate.

If during those months you have sold 10-20 clients, you already have a good database so that with a small after-sales campaign, at least 5 or 6 of your clients will bring you other clients.

On the other hand, you have the database of information requests that have been generated during those 3-4 months, which must be treated in a certain way to get new customers to whom you will make the real estate after-sales  campaign to 3 months.

The important thing to remember is that you should not mix after-sales campaigns with recruitment campaigns offering incentives left and right, some of them very creative and not worth a damn.

From my own experience in implementing real estate after sales campaigns in several promotions I can tell you that you can sell between 20% and 30% of any promotion, (my team and I reach up to 43%), with an after sales campaign.

These campaigns save money to the promoter in advertising, get quick sales and you can sell the whole promotion with peace of mind in half the time it takes to another promoter.

Sometimes I have heard real estate agents who consider themselves professionals that a new promotion takes 1 to 2 years to sell. That is not the case and can be demonstrated whenever you want.

I do not understand why real estate after sales is not implemented in many agencies. Is it not that the client, despite having bought the property, is not entirely satisfied with the service received and this is known by the agency?

A bouquet of flowers or a bottle of wine can work wonders if you know when to give them. However, the demonstration that you are still there for what is needed; The demonstration that you really care about the customer, is what makes you have a lot of vendors out there (satisfied customers), working for you at almost zero cost and even zero.

That is the pure meaning of real estate after sales .

To complete this article let’s make some numbers. Let’s take only 30 sales in a real estate agency that have been generated with an annual after-sales campaign, where for each sale the agency charges a 5% fee on each sale, say $ 10,000 in each sale, ($ 10,000 x 30 sales = $ 300,000 dollars).

This makes $ 300,000 dollars to which we must subtract, say about $ 4,000 dollars in the cost of 4 psot sales campaigns in 1 year. It is clear that the benefits for the agency and for the commercials are quite significant. If this does not make you change your mind about real estate after sales; Nothing will.

We would appreciate you leaving us a comment on this article. What do you think about real estate after sales ? Your opinion interests us. Thank you.


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Faisal Hills Islamabad project is situated at the Taxila area that is known to be the significant industrial zone of Pakistan. You are now provided with a unique opportunity to have a lovely and beautiful home inside this city. This housing society is a compassionately planned housing project that exhibits natural beauty and stunning views of Margalla Hills promoting a peaceful and clean atmosphere. The developers of the project have promised to timely deliver the project with modern and excellent infrastructure.

Similar to Blue World City and Capital Smart City this residential venture is placed near the Islamabad region. This project is owned and developed by the famous and well-known developers, Zedem International. The developers have also launched and introduced other massive and tremendous chain of housing projects of which the most prosperous project is the Faisal Town Islamabad. Now they are developing the Faisal hills housing scheme to provide more lavish and comfortable living options to its investors and a most alluring and comfortable lifestyle.


The project lies on the main GT Road in the Taxila region right at the backside of Margalla Hills.  It is adjacent to one of the most sought out and popular housing scheme B-17. MPCHS is also situated nearby this project.

The society is easily accessible from the GT road as well as from B-17. The residents and the general public can utilize the direct 2 major entries from GT Road via Gate 1 and Gate of the society. These two different entry points of this society are given from the main GT Road via a 225 feet wide access road.

According to the newsletter issued by the management of Faisal Hills a 150ft Broad Road linking the society to GT Road and Main Entrance Gate is under construction. They have already received permission from NHA to get this access from the GT Road.


The project is completely secure from investment point of view as it is a legal housing project and has gotten its approval from RDA. Its LOP has also gotten the approval.


It is one of the greatest and largest housing projects situated in Taxila with over 12000 plots divided into blocks and sectors providing residential and commercial options for the investors.

The whole area of Faisal Hills was initially categorized into blocks A, B, and C. but they have extended the project into the newest E block. ‘E’ block which is defined as the Executive Block’ and is positioned at the most prime location in the society, right at the font of the entry of their G.T. Road.

The development work on the executive block has commenced and due to the work progress, the rates in these blocks have been revised.

The plots available in the project are of a variety of sizes stated below:

  • 5 MARLA
  • 8 MARLA
  • 10 MARLA
  • 14 MARLA
  • 1 KANAL
  • 2 KANAL


The above-mentioned plots are easily available with an easy installment plan and the registration only started with Rs, 10,000 amount which is non-refundable and 10% down payment. The plots can be purchased by full cash payment or the installment plan which spanned over a time period of 3.5 years with very affordable 14 quarterly installments.


The developers of the project commenced the development work in the society from May 2018 after the balloting process was announced to the general public and the plots were issued to their respective owners. The society also revealed the official map of this Faisal Hills to the general public before this none of this information was made public.

In the most recent development Faisal Hills newsletter issued in June/July 2019 in which the company shared major updates concerning development work and future growth plans of the project. Aside from development, there is also an announcement mentioning the increase in official rates and cancellation of files that are open and have a clearance deadline for outstanding installments.

To prevent any extra fees and additional development charges, the members of the society were needed to submit all their outstanding installments from 22nd July 2019 so that they could be given possession of their properties.

The pace of development in society is super-fast. After the completion of primary infrastructure in all the blocks in the society, the developers have now moved on to beautify the project with building a stunning and serene park is also being in the Executive Block of the society, incorporated with variety of swings, gazebos, and benches for the citizens. Barbecue stations will also be built in the park for picnics and outings.


The housing scheme provides its residents all the basic and modern-day amenities including the following:

  • Electricity and Sui Gas system
  • Parks, Schools, and Mosques
  • Clean Water Supply
  • Underground electricity
  • Telephone and Wi-Fi connection
  • Wide Roads
  • Sewerage disposal system
  • Shops and markets
  • Secure Environment
  • Walled Community
  • Commercial zone
  • Sports Center
  • Community Hall
  • Kids play area with supervision
  • Parks and Zoo
  • Hospital and clinic
  • Green areas
  • Running and jogging tracks
  • Basketball court and Cricket ground

The location of the project is gorgeous and eye-catching, you can compare the surrounding views of the housing society to that of Park View City which is considered one of the most supreme housing projects in Islamabad. The stunning view of the Margalla Hills and Islamabad Expressway makes this housing project most appealing one. The aim of housing project is to provide its occupants with high standard living options and endless commercial opportunities at the most affordable rates.

The society is perfect in every sense, whether it be the most amazing location, variety of living options, affordable prices or the state of art amenities. All these factors make this housing project the most appealing and popular.

If you are looking for a housing society to call it your home then Faisal Hills is the right choice for you. For further questions and information leave us a comment down below or contact Sky Marketing, leading real estate firm in Pakistan that offers the best and secure property investment options for local Pakistani residents as well as the citizens living abroad.